Churchy disapproval!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Some of the Pharisees said to Jesus, ‘Teacher, rebuke your disciples!’” (Luke 19:39)
People are often more open to Jesus than they are to the church.
For myself as well, it is my attraction to Jesus and his message that grips me.
Not the theology or religion that surrounds him, but his way of love and grace.
Sometimes I’ve sensed a rebuke from churchy people that I focus on Jesus too much.
‘What about all the theology, what about the requirements of the church?’
I can discuss theology with the best of them, and I know all about church rules.
But I see these things as secondary, and not necessary for salvation.
Jesus is our Saviour (not theology), Jesus is our Lord (not the church).
My job (and my joy) is to point people to Jesus, and let them meet him.
They may not meet the church’s approval, but they will have Jesus’s approval.
He will accept their first steps of faith, despite not knowing the theology.
He will welcome them as members, despite not knowing or following the rules.
With his help they will learn and grow into the truth and way of Jesus.
May I not join those who rebuke disciples for how they are trusting in Jesus.
Lord, forgive me for the ways I put up barriers to seekers and strugglers who are drawn to you, but do not measure up to our churchy approval.


  1. “the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen” – yet the Pharisees disapproved. Why? Did they see Jesus as a threat? I find that yes, even today Jesus can be a threat. Everything can be ok in a mixed conversation setting – but bring up Jesus – it changes things. As believers we often hesitate to bring Jesus into a conversation – why? For the disapproval – or because we may position ourselves as a kind of ‘Jesus freak?’ I know I am hesitant – and I ask for guidance from the HS – to open a way to talk – to tell others about Jesus – as the disciples sang and praised God for the miracles that they had witnessed. Lord Jesus help me to be a better witness and not worry about the disapproval – we know that will come as Satan seeks to squash the testimony of what Jesus has done for me!

  2. Jesus is Lord. The religious leaders of the day felt slighted – not in control. They forgot that Jesus was and is the only way to everlasting life. May I too praise Him for the mighty works He has done.

    1 Praise him, praise him,
    praise him in the morning,
    praise him in the noontime.
    Praise him, praise him,
    praise him when the sun goes down.

    2 Love him, love him,
    love him in the morning,
    love him in the noontime.
    love him, love him,
    love him when the sun goes down.

    3 Trust him, trust him,
    trust him in the morning,
    trust him in the noontime.
    Trust him, trust him,
    trust him when the sun goes down.

    4 Serve him, serve him,
    serve him in the morning,
    serve him in the noontime.
    Serve him, serve him,
    serve him when the sun goes down.

    5 Jesus, Jesus,
    Jesus in the morning,
    Jesus in the noontime.
    Jesus, Jesus,
    Jesus when the sun goes down.

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