From time to time people ask me biblical or spiritual questions. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but together we can explore some possible answers. Sometimes I have some thoughts to share, but often I would love to have input from others.

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  1. Great question Philippe. Interestingly, I never thought of this before now, and now I am curious too. There are several possibilities:
    (1) As you say, the Holy Spirit revealed it to the writer later on. Jesus did say that the Spirit would teach them and remind them of what Jesus said and did (John 14:26)
    (2) Jesus often took a few disciples with Him when He prayed, so that they could support Him. No doubt they saw and heard Him pray… silent prayer was not practiced like it is today, people usually prayed out loud.
    (3) Jesus told them about His prayer life, to teach them how to pray.
    (4) The disciples heard His public prayers, and assumed that what He prayed publicly was also what He prayed privately.
    (5) Some combination of all the above?
    I am inclined to #5 myself.

  2. Reading today’s devotion of Nov 8 of Jesus praying, I always wondered how does the writer know what Jesus prayed about? There are many other occasion e.g. the Garden of Gethsemane etc… I usually explain it that the Holy Spirit revealed it to the writer later on. Any other answer?

  3. I recently led the LDN group on the subject of the Holy Spirit. The following are some of the questions that they asked. I hope to answer them in the coming weeks:
    1. Is the baptism of the Holy Spirit a second blessing, or the initial receiving of the Holy Spirit?
    2. Should we not desire more spiritual gifts (based on 1 Corinthians 14)?
    3. What is the difference between spiritual gifts and abilities?
    4. Is speaking in other languages (tongues) different than speaking in a heavenly language?
    5. Why do we not see the same kind of evidence of the Spirit as we do in the book of Acts?
    6. What prevents us from experiencing the fullness of the Spirit?
    7. Are the miracles we see performed by televangelists from God?
    8. Does the Spirit enter us when we are baptized with water?
    9. Can the Holy Spirit leave us after we receive Him?
    10. What about the crazy stuff attributed to the Holy Spirit?
    11. Why are some people open to the Spirit, and others so afraid?

  4. Thanks for shedding some light on the passage in Exodus where repeatedly it says “God hardened Pharoah’s heart”. I found this statement very puzzling, but think I understand a little better now. If we close our minds/hearts to God’s Word, He allows us to remain in that state…..I guess that’s the free will we were created with.

  5. So here’s a question or actually, really more just a thought / concern……

    God’s promise to us is that we will never face more than we are able to handle or as He also promises, we can do all things in Him who gives us strength so why are so many Christians so overwhelmed, so weary, so exhausted, weak and tired?

    He promises us that in Him, we will produce spiritual fruit, why are so many Christians feeling fruitless?

    He promises us that He shall indeed be found by us if we seek Him, why then are so many Christians voicing that they can’t find Him?

    He promises us that even before we utter a word He hears our prayers and gives answer yet we hear Christians say that God is silent and is not answering.

    He promises us that He will fill us with His peace so why are so many Christians filled with unrest and uncertainty?

    We know without a doubt as Christ followers that God’s Word is true. He is faithful and He holds true to all of His promises all of the time!

    So, the question, thought or concern is………

    LORD, give us ears to hear, eyes that see, minds that can comprehend, hearts that receive You and know You as You desire and lives that truly live for for You and Your Kingdom purposes.

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