Sabbatical Day 26 – Braamt to Millingen aan de Rijn (25k)

Sunday, May 26, 2024
Today was the big 25k day. We pushed ourselves, with our focus on getting there. The walk was good, through forests, up and down bigger hills, into Germany for a short time, and along the Rijn (Rhine) River for a long stretch until we reached the ferry. Thankfully the ferry was running and we were able to cross within 5 minutes. It was a good day, almost 27k altogether.

As we walked I had time to think, and it struck me how preparing this update began as a positive way for me to record my sabbatical. It is now becoming a challenge and even a chore to think about what to write, what pictures to post, looking for the pictures to post, and finding the time and place in the BnB to work on it. I realized that it is not serving me or the intent of my sabbatical well. So today will be my last daily update. Thanks to those who joined with me here.

Sabbatical Day 25 – Zelhem to Braamt (17k)

Saturday, May 25, 2024
We bid farewell to the van Baardewijk’s in Zelhem, and begin our next stage on the Pieterpad, the doable 17k walk from Zelhem to Braamt. In the back of our mind is the big walk from Braamt to Millington aan de Rijn, which is a 25k walk – the longest of them all. But that is for another day. Continue reading ‘Sabbatical Day 25 – Zelhem to Braamt (17k)’ »

Sabbatical Day 24 – A Day in Winterswijk

Friday, May 24, 2024
Today is a day to rest and spend time with Tom’s parents. They live in a community a few kilometers from the German border, in the Achterhoeks, the back corner of the Netherlands. We are not walking the Pieterpad today, but we still do some walking, to keep our feet and legs limber for tomorrow. Continue reading ‘Sabbatical Day 24 – A Day in Winterswijk’ »

Sabbatical Day 22 – Laren to Vorden (14k)

Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Today is the shortest walk of all. We feel relaxed getting started, and wonder if we might even arrive by noon, even before family in Canada is out of bed. In the back of our minds we are nervously anticipating longer days ahead, especially the 24k and 25k days. But we will cross that brug when we come to it. Continue reading ‘Sabbatical Day 22 – Laren to Vorden (14k)’ »