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QuestionsIf you post a question below, I will do my best to suggest some possible answers. I make no claims to have the answers, but if you ask, I will check into it. Your questions will also help me to plan my sermons. Feel free to add your comments on the questions and answers.

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  1. I was just reading through the December issue of the banner and I came across an article called, “Play About Gay Christians Sells Out.” The article talks about a director at Calvin College putting on a play about Gay Christians and how wonderfull and successfull it was. Numerous times homosexuality has come up in talking with my students, but I always felt that it was obviously wrong and I have conveyed that idea to them. I still believe that God did not intend for people to be gay but am I being to harsh to say that you can’t be a Christian and a practicing Gay at the same time??

  2. I have struggled with 1 Tim 11-15(especially vs 12) for years. Why would God not allow woman to teach men? Does this mean that if a woman is leading a Bible Study that only women can attend? What if a man would like to participate, is he not permitted to join the study?

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