Day 1 – Holy Land Tour

Today is DAY 1 (May 3).
How appropriate this video message seemed. We are in a desert of sorts… we do not have control, we are not where we want to be, our situation is unpredictable, and we are learning what it means to rely on God. I like how he invited us along at the end, not to just watch them on their trek, but to walk through our own desert, and to learn that God makes the way through the desert possible. We will get to the other side of this.

I am finding for myself the difficulties in this (coronavirus) desert so far include:

  1. The fogginess of my mind and my struggle for energy, motivation and direction.
  2. How drained I am when I talk on the phone, or participate in ZOOM calls, or even sidewalk conversations.
  3. Just wanting to hug my family.

What about for you?


  1. As an agronomist by profession, I always found deserts as wasted land -so I avoided deserts. Central India with its dry heat in April/May and everything baked and bleached by the sun- it was like a desert – it was so life sapping, yet when the rains came or with irrigation – life and colour comes out of it. The first rains after the dry season were always my favourite. My desert experiences of being deprived of something is not what I remember so much – but the when the rains come – when the waiting is over – that joy is what I do remember.

  2. Just want to hug my family and do my own shopping again. Don’t want to burden others with that any longer even though they say they don’t mind. There is a time for everything and this particular time has lasted long enough now.

  3. What an image of desertion where Ray is standing and walking.
    I have felt that desertion before.
    I have also experienced God coming along side during the time’s I felt I was in a desert and nothing seen like it was going to go good.
    God is faithful!

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