Is evangelism important?

Time to hear from you again. Do you think evangelism (telling people about Jesus) is important? If so, why? If not, why not? Maybe another question is, does it seem to be important to our church? Can you tell by looking at our church that evangelism is important?

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Pastor Norm


  1. Someone sent me a direct email in response to this question, and as I read it I felt a strong sense of agreement:

    “I was all set to reply to your evangelism question but as I started to type my thoughts, I found myself becoming very angry….. angry at myself, angry at the church, angry at christians and how we have allowed things to become as they are and how we think all is okay in our comfortable lives. All is NOT okay! There are people starving physically, emotionally and spiritually in our community and yet it is of greater concern to us that our church services have the kind of music we want to hear, the kind of sermon that teaches the truth but not in such a way as to make us uncomfortable or point out how out of God’s will our lives/ lifestyles have become. Let’s give our financial gifts but not so much that we will have to sacrifice that vaccation or big screen t.v. we are planning to purchase…..

    Evangelism isn’t standing on the street corner handing out tracts. Evangelism is living our faith – serving those in need, feeding the hungry, not only sharing the gospel but being the gospel, caring and loving our co-workers, seeing all those around us through His eyes and being His love. It’s God’s own words that say, faith without works is dead. Sharing the gospel without actually loving/serving falls on deaf ears. ‘Christians’ leave the church every day because they can’t find Jesus – how wrong is that! Unbelievers won’t walk through the doors of the church because they are afraid of condemnation and judgement- how wrong is that! THIS JUST CAN”T BE WHAT GOD INTENDED FOR CHURCH!!!” (Anonymous)

  2. I would say YES, it is important to tell people about Who Jesus is, and why He came, and why everyone needs to know. But I would say NO it does not seem to be important to many churches… and if I am honest, it does not seem to be important to me. I hope to reflect more on this in my sermon (Feb 18, 2007), but it is true that our actions say more about what we believe and value than our words do.

    Is Jesus just one answer, and other religions also have true answers? Personally I believe that there is more truth in other religions than we as Christians often care to admit. Like the wise men who came to Jesus, God speaks through their religious practices as well. But I also believe that God is calling them to Jesus. I believe Jesus is the answer (not the church) because He deals honestly with our sin and shame, offers an answer to the issues of justice and mercy (can God just turn a blind eye to all sin), and also offers a better way of life. Other religions offer a way of life but but it is up to you to earn or accomplish it. Every other religion is spelled DO! while the way of Jesus is spelled DONE! The life that follows is one of gratitude. This is good news, worth telling!

    But what about those who reject His way? This is the difficult question. If God is right when He says that no amount of religion can save us, that only His mercy and our humility and faith can help, then the implication is that those who choose to go without God in this life (or only go with Him on THEIR terms) will receive an eternity of life without God. I suspect that in the end, everyone will get what they chose in this life.

    I would love to hear more from you on this!

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