Desperate hope


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Lord, where is your former great love?” (Psalm 89:49)
Ethan (the Psalmist) starts by reviewing God’s covenant faithfulness.
God is great, God is good, nothing will break God’s promise of love.
And yet, God’s people are crushed and defeated, and Ethan is pleading for mercy.
Ethan cries “How long, Lord, will you hide yourself forever? (Psalm 89:46)
Many believers/followers have struggled with this question.
Jesus promised that nothing would separate us from God’s love.
But experience seems to suggest otherwise, as many believers suffer and die.
I have no easy answers as to why some people suffer, and others don’t.
Or why some believers seem to endure unspeakable anguish and misery.
Somehow the answer is found in and with God, so Ethan refuses to let go.
“I will sing of the Lord’s great love forever.” (Psalm 89:1)
This is faith hanging on, even if he does not understand it.
Either the answer is somehow found in God, or there is no answer, no hope.
As Jesus followers, we cling to God’s love, because we know its our only hope.
Lord, faith and hope are hard to hang on to when love is not felt. Show your love today in visible tangible ways, as strugglers cling to you in desperate faith and hope.


  1. The writer of this Psalm appeals to God to return – he acknowledges and praises God for His faithfulness, His Power, His place in the universe, God’s justice, and God’s keeping of promises – yet the writer is suffering now – longs for God to come back – how long? I too can look at periods in my life where I felt estranged from God – as if neglected. God has his reasons – as he continues to work with me to mold me. I need the filling of the HS to continue to be. How long will the strife with unhealthy, competing fleshly desires – as long as I live on this side of heaven. Lord I cling to your promises!

  2. God is faithful.
    God is powerful and majestic.
    God is with His people.
    And as Christ suffered so will His people who need to be faithful to Him. He will see me through to the end since I have put my hand into His. In the good times and in the bad times I need to remember His love at all times till the end of time. Emmanuel.

    At all times praise the Lord;
    His promises are sure;
    What if thou doubt? His steadfast Word
    Unchanging shall endure.
    Praise Him when skies are bright,
    And gladness fills thy days;
    Heav’n shames thee with its glorious light,
    And calls thee to His praise.

    Praise Him when clouds are dark;
    True faith waits not to prove;
    Tho’ hope no bright’ning gleam may mark,
    His meaning still is love.
    Praise Him when drear and lone
    The shadows ’round thee fall,
    No eye upon Thy sins but One—
    Fear not, He pardons all.

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