Day 2 – Holy Land Tour

Today is DAY 2 (May 4).
Two pictures stood out for me.
First, the path through the mountains, and seeing only a little way.
Not knowing how long this path will go, how long this desert will last.
In this COVID-19 desert path, we have no idea what the future holds.
But what shall we do, how will it help to worry or complain?
We just have to keep going on the path before us, trusting in God to be there.
Second, the shade provided for each day.
Somewhere, somehow, each day God provides just enough shade.
A gift, a call, a visit, a breakthrough, an insight, a friend…
Even something as small as a flower, or a bird song, or a cool breeze.
God does not give us a feast, but neither does He let us starve.
He gives us just enough – manna – for each day.
I can’t get myself out of this desert (self-reliance).
But I can choose to keep walking forward by faith.
And I can choose to look for the broom trees, the little gifts of shade.
Today, my shade experience was a refreshing, encouraging walk.
And the tulips blooming at our front window.
They brightened my soul.
How about for you, did you experience His shade today?

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  1. In hot places I always look for shade – I sunburn easily. I appreciate the shade. In life, I need to find refuge from the blazing heat – and the filtered light of a broom tree – allows me to stay adapted. God shapes me, challenges me and takes me through hot dry periods – then I find shade, rest – and I am able to reflect. Today is a shade time, yet still and opportune time. May I continue to be recharged and ready for the next sector on the way. How many more days/years of service here below?

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