Stepping into the light!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Whoever lives by the truth comes into the light.” (John 3:21)
What does it mean to say that Jesus is the light of the world?
Light here symbolizes God’s goodness, without shadow or filter.
This is the goodness that we were made to be… and that we are no longer.
To come to Jesus is to be revealed fully, to have the spotlight shine on us.
Those who love goodness, and see God’s goodness in Jesus, will still come.
Not because they are better, but because they love goodness more than their shadow life.
Followers of Jesus are not ‘more good’ than others, but more open and honest.
They know their shadow life, they hate it, and they want to be saved from it.
If you feel you are not good enough, and willing to admit it, then Jesus is for you.
If you love goodness, and hate the non-goodness in your life, then Jesus wants you.
He already knows your shadows, yet welcomes you into his shining presence.
Don’t let fear or shame hold you back; having these are what qualify you!
Yes, it will not be nice to be exposed, to see ourselves as God see us.
But what a feeling when Jesus welcomes us anyway, and take us by the hand to help.
Lord Jesus, you know my shadows, you know the dark places in my heart. I hate them but I cannot change them, I need your help. Take my hand and lead me into the light!

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  1. Truth and light. Light exposes darkness – the truth as I find it in the scriptures and by the HS working in me bears light on what is wrong inside – what needs change. HS continue to shine light – use the truth of your word and others around me to expose me to the truth – that I may be shaped into the being you meant me to be! I know that sometimes the light is bright – it penetrates – thank you for shining your light in me! Help me to be light to those I meet!

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