Question re. SOAP Readings

QuestionHi everyone, just curious! Are you finding the somewhat random selection of Bible Readings helpful (they are the assigned daily readings from the Canadian Bible Society), or would you prefer that we work through one Bible book at a time? I am thinking that it might be helpful to do it one book at a time, so that we can get the sense of the whole message. What do you think?


  1. I was glad to see that you’ve changed the readings to look entirely at one book of the Bible. Have to agree with both Nick and Jay on this one, have been having some of the same issues and am excited about the new format. Continuity is a good thing!

  2. I have to agree with Mr. Stevens on this one. Although I do thouroughly enjoy looking at different parts of the entire Bible, I might find it more beneficial for myself to go through one book at a time, getting the entire reading in context with its surrounding verses. I’m sure either way though, some verses are harder to coment on, think/meditate about, etc. so we’ll run into the same problem here and there, but maybe not as often. It might also make it easy to refer back to previous passages when working one book at a time. Ya, continuity would be beneficial.

  3. I find that with the readings being somewhat random from one day to the next, I have a more difficult time doing meaningfull journaling each day. One day it goes really well and I have to cut myself off, but the next day I may be unable to even get started. Doing a more concentrated study of one book or area of the Bible would be my preferrence. This would allow one to be able to anticipate somewhat as to what may be coming and what it will be about …..continuity I believe is the word I am looking for.

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