No point in hiding!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“When I kept silent…” (Psalm 32:3)
These are the words that stuck in my mind today.
This is not the silence of being still in the Lord’s presence.
This is the silent treatment, of not sharing myself with the Lord.
It is hiding ourselves from the Lord when we have something to hide.
How foolish, for these are the times when we need the Lord the most.
How else will we find the help we need, the protection and the healing?
“You are my hiding place; You will protect me…” (Psalm 32:7)
The best place to go when something is wrong inside is the Lord.
The psalm ends with the Lord pleading for me not to be stubborn (vv.8-9).
As a Jesus follower, I want to be as close to the Lord as I can.
I do not want to be stubborn or foolish, I want to be forgiven and free!
These words are not meant to condemn me, but to remind and invite me back!
“For apart from Me you can do nothing.” (John 15:5)
Lord, there is no blessing in hiding from You. There is great blessing in hiding in You. I choose again today to open my heart to You!


  1. Coming clean – confessing sin and being right before God. I remember stealing a dime from the cupboard where Mom kept the change – there was something I wanted to purchase that cost a dime. I bought it but I could not bring my purchase out on the open at home – because my Mom or brothers would ask how I got that. That purchase gave me no pleasure. I learned a valuable lesson! Still I make mistakes and I relearn again. I’m a sinner needing to confess – to come clean before the Lord – He knows me – there is nothing I can hide from HIm! And when I do- I find peace- even though, even now as remember what I did.

  2. Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven. (Ps 32:1) But before I experience this blessing I have to confess and ask for forgiveness of my transgression. When I keep silent and not confess my transgression I have no peace, feeling my bones are wasting away through my groaning. I cannot hide from the all-knowing Lord. There is no point of hiding, keeping silent, pushing under the rug. So I have to come before the Lord, humbling myself, and confess and He will not drive me away for He promised, that if I confess my sins he is faithful and just to forgive my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.
    Thank you for your forgiveness my Lord. I can rejoice and be glad in you.

  3. Today is the Lord’s Day as is every day the Lord’s Day. He will instruct me and teach me in the Way I should go but I need a listening ear to hear His voice saying , This is the way. Walk in it. Not only do I need to listen but also talk to my God for I am His and He is mine and His banner over me is love. Love shares all things.

    1. Teach me O Lord Thy way of truth,
    And from it I will not depart;
    That I may steadfastly obey,
    Give me an understanding heart.

    2. In Thy commandments make me walk,
    For in Thy law my joy shall be;
    Give me a heart that loves Thy will,
    From discontent and envy free.

    3. Turn Thou mine eyes from vanity,
    And cause me in Thy ways to tread;
    O let Thy servant prove Thy Word,
    And thus to godly fear be led.

    4. Turn Thou away reproach and fear;
    Thy righteous judgments I confess;
    To know Thy precepts I desire;
    Revive me in Thy righteousness.

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