Day 7 – Holy Land Tour

Today is DAY 7 (May 9).
These scenes and lessons really help in understanding the bible.
I liked the connection between Jeremiah 17:13, and John 7 and 8.
I’ve never caught this background to the idea of ‘writing in the dust’.
The lesson seems to be, life is a desert and at times very hard.
If not for us, then certainly for others.
God not only wants to be an En Gedi to me, to us.
He wants me,m and us, to be an En Gedi to others.
How has the Lord satisfied the thirst of my soul?
How has the Lord shown mercy to me, though my name was in the dust?
Life is hard, lets not make it harder for others.
Let’s do what we can to assist those who are struggling around us.
The day will come when we need them to assist us too.
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