Sabbatical Day 26 – Braamt to Millingen aan de Rijn (25k)

Sunday, May 26, 2024
Today was the big 25k day. We pushed ourselves, with our focus on getting there. The walk was good, through forests, up and down bigger hills, into Germany for a short time, and along the Rijn (Rhine) River for a long stretch until we reached the ferry. Thankfully the ferry was running and we were able to cross within 5 minutes. It was a good day, almost 27k altogether.

As we walked I had time to think, and it struck me how preparing this update began as a positive way for me to record my sabbatical. It is now becoming a challenge and even a chore to think about what to write, what pictures to post, looking for the pictures to post, and finding the time and place in the BnB to work on it. I realized that it is not serving me or the intent of my sabbatical well. So today will be my last daily update. Thanks to those who joined with me here.


  1. Totally understand this.
    Thank you for taking us along on this part of your journey. It’s been a pleasure.
    May God bless you as you continue your rest in Him
    Numbers 6: 24-26

  2. I Charlie) finally updated the reading of your daily stories which have been most interesting, but tiresome for you. It is good to see a portion of my old fatherland.. It always amazed me to see so many photos with canals,rivers and ponds. What an enjoyable trip it has been for you so far. You have a long way to go. I am sure that the dutch koffie en gebakjes help enjoy the breaks in the days. Margaret has been following your travels on a daily basis. May the rest of your walks continue to be inspiring for you

  3. It was cool following you on your daily walks, but I did wonder how you managed to do it every day as exhausted as you two must have been. It’s for you & Valerie to talk about your day and process together all you have seen & done & felt. Will miss you, but fully understand.
    You already know the definition of “sabbatical” ~ it is a rest or break from work; “an extended period of time intentionally spent on something that’s not your routine job”. It’s a time for you to think about you [and Val], not about us. Wishing you blessings as you continue. May God keep you both safe and encouraged. We’re looking forward to September.

  4. It’s best to stop when it doesn’t work any longer but I personally will miss it. Thks for the daily updates you have given so far and my thoughts and prayers are going with you on the remainder of the trek. God bless.

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