This is what Jesus did!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?
“This is what David did.” (1 Samuel 27:11)
Just because something is in the bible, doesn’t mean we should do it.
David lied and slaughtered people to protect himself.
I’ve heard people refer to their belief or practice as ‘biblical’.
But there are a LOT of things in the bible, that doesn’t make them good.
Are polygamy, divorce, concubines, etc. biblical… its in the bible!
How about old David taking a virgin to bed to keep warm (1 Kings 1:1-2)?
The characters of the bible are imperfect sinners, not our models.
God inspires scripture to expose our hearts and show us our need for Jesus.
The bible points us to Jesus, and Jesus shows us God’s will.
We are commanded to listen to Jesus, who Moses and Elijah point to (Mark 9:7).
We are urged to make Jesus our pattern, like Paul did (1 Corinthians 11:1).
Not everything Paul, David or Moses said or did are what we should say or do.
We need to filter what we read through Jesus, and through the law of love!
‘This is what Jesus did’… he is our Saviour, our Lord, our example.
Lord, through the whole story of the bible and all its characters, you stand out above all. I choose to trust in you for mercy and help to do what you did!

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  1. Deception – the art of deception – David deceiving Achish and Saul the widow of Endor. Not too sure about this. Was it of God? David nor Saul could be fully truthful – they were hiding something. I know I can’t hide anything from God nor do I need to. But are there situations in life where you can’t be fully truthful i.e., someone hiding Jews in the war or doing things under cover i.e., Bible classes or church where it is banned? It is not simplistic nor should it be – I believe we need to be discerning – with the HS’s help – to make the right choices but knowing full well that God is our protection – leaning on Him first and not our own clever ways!

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