Sabbatical Day 24 – A Day in Winterswijk

Friday, May 24, 2024
Today is a day to rest and spend time with Tom’s parents. They live in a community a few kilometers from the German border, in the Achterhoeks, the back corner of the Netherlands. We are not walking the Pieterpad today, but we still do some walking, to keep our feet and legs limber for tomorrow.

  1. As usual I get my early start with my Koffie (and stoop wafels), to write my sabbatical notes, do my journaling and praying. This rhythm is so natural now that I cannot not do it. It seems strange to many, but it is a joy for me to wake up at 5am to do this, and this time away is no different.
  2. Today is going to be a full day of rain, according to the weather report. It is overcast and cool, and though it is misty and damp with occasional light showers, we only get one downpour in the evening, while we are eating.
  3. We go for a walk in a nearby wetlands (appropriate for in the rain) that borders the Netherlands and Germany. We are watching our for a crane (bird) known to settle here, and for stone or fire Martens (part of the weasel family). No success, they must prefer to stay inside during the rain.
  4. The town of Winterswijk is a tourist destination for both Dutch and German tourists, and has a large center with many shops and cultural sights. We will not buy anything – only more to carry – but it is nice to walk and look. We go out for dinner at a watermill turned restaurant, and finish the day sitting around piano and singing old psalmen together.
  5. It is a pleasure to spend this time with Tom’s parents. They know enough English and we know enough Dutch to be able to communicate, but we are often referring to Google translate to find the meaning of this or that word. With a few laughs over mispronounced or misused words. We are thankful that Janelle is welcomed and supported by this loving, Christian family.

My morning time…

Wetlands… No Martens or Cranes

Valerie laughing at a Dad joke!

That’s Germany behind us

1766 Border Stone

Water mill turned restaurant

Scene for a famous painting (?)

We enjoyed our time together

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  1. Thanks for the pictures. Reminds me of our visits to the Netherlands. My family comes from the Acterhoek. Beautiful country. I have been to the mill. Brings back good memories of my visits. Enjoy the rest of your trek and visit with Tom’s family.

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