How my heart responds!?


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“I will celebrate before the Lord.” (2 Samuel 6:21)
I am not expressive like this in my worship.
Worship is how we respond to the greatness and goodness of God.
It is more than music and singing, and more than going to church.
I do wonder whether we worship ‘worship’, and not God.
That its the music or the singing that fills us (or not).
Am I actually celebrating the Lord when I sing?
Do I celebrate the Lord through the week, an not just with music?
How I speak or how I act – this can be worshipful too.
In the end, worship is personal – for David, for you, for me.
And it is not up to me to judge how others worship, nor them me.
Some people dance, some people don’t – that is up to each person.
I prefer quiet classical music for enjoying the presence of the Lord.
Or a walk in the woods, where I easily express thanks and praise.
The only question is, ‘is it real for me, from my heart?’
Lord, I don’t need to worship like others, and they don’t need to worship like me. So long as we are sincerely celebrating before the Lord!


  1. “Then David knew that the Lord had established him as king over Israel and had exalted his kingdom for the sake of his people Israel…David inquired of the Lord…” To me that is the most important thing David did: inquired of the Lord! If Adam and Eve had done that before eating the fruit when they were challenged by Satan’s deceiving words – today would have been different. Yet it is a lesson we all need to learn – we need to ‘willfully’ submit to the Lord’s will – when we learn to inquire of the Lord, to pray to ask the HS to influence us – we too can live lives pleasing to the Lord! Inquire of the Lord: Yes!

  2. How do I praise the Lord?
    Certainly not the way D\vid danced praising Him. That is not my way.
    Certainly not the way the Africans danced in the remote churches I attended.
    I was raised that dancing was a ‘sin’. However, their ways of prasing Him may not be my ways but indeed they were praising the Lord with all of their heart. My ways of praise my be more subdued but it is praise to my Creator God. There are many ways to praise Him. The main point is that we all praise our living God.

    1 Praise him, praise him,
    praise him in the morning,
    praise him in the noontime.
    Praise him, praise him,
    praise him when the sun goes down.
    2 Love him, love him,
    love him in the morning,
    love him in the noontime.
    love him, love him,
    love him when the sun goes down.
    3 Trust him, trust him,
    trust him in the morning,
    trust him in the noontime.
    Trust him, trust him,
    trust him when the sun goes down.
    4 Serve him, serve him,
    serve him in the morning,
    serve him in the noontime.
    Serve him, serve him,
    serve him when the sun goes down.
    5 Jesus, Jesus,
    Jesus in the morning,
    Jesus in the noontime.
    Jesus, Jesus,
    Jesus when the sun goes down.

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