So what has God done for me?


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Return home and tell how much God has done for you.” (Luke 8:39)
It is no wonder that this man wants to stay with Jesus.
How much harder to stay with the people who told Jesus to leave.
His life would be the subject of constant conversation (gossip).
What could he tell people; he hardly knew Jesus or what he taught.
His only message was “how much God has done for you”.
This is what speaks to me, how basic his message had to be.
We assume that witnesses need to explain doctrine, or the bible.
We argue for this or that understanding of sin, salvation and faith.
What if all we had to share was how much God has done for us?
Would my undramatic testimony convince anyone?
Jesus does not say convince or argue, just tell people.
Apparently this is all the Spirit needs from us to work through us.
The question is, could I tell people what God has done for me?
The Lord is calling me to think more about what God has done for me.
Lord, this is so basic, and yet I struggle to put this into words. Help me to pay attention to what God is doing for me, so that I can tell others.


  1. ” they found the man from whom the demons had gone out, sitting at Jesus’ feet, dressed and in his right mind; and they were afraid.”
    What made the people afraid? This man’s life was completely changed! Were they afraid that Jesus might change them? I think so – so Jesus tasked the man that was healed to return home and declare all that Jesus had done for Him – they all who would listen would come to know Jesus as the Messiah – that they too may come to know Jesus as their Messiah!

  2. God at work among the people showing His mighty power. The people were amazed and afraid of His majesty and power. After Jesus left the people must have continued their conversations as to what had happened. Certainly the healed man did tell his story. And what is my story? Do I see what Jesus has done in my life? Do I see how He has led me to be what I am this day? I too need to tell my story.

    I love to tell the story
    of unseen things above,
    of Jesus and his glory,
    of Jesus and his love.
    I love to tell the story
    because I know it’s true;
    it satisfies my longings
    as nothing else can do.

    I love to tell the story;
    ’twill be my theme in glory
    to tell the old, old story
    of Jesus and his love.

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