Even when I’m unwilling!?


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“You were not willing.” (Luke 13:34)
Jesus knew he was going to suffer and die.
He also knew that Herod wasn’t the problem.
It was the religious leaders who were the real problem.
They were unwilling to hear God or receive God’s grace.
Unwilling to change, unwilling to admit their guilt.
God wants to save us, to protect us from ourselves and others.
Like a hen providing refuge under its wings (Psalm 91:4).
So why do people hesitate to come to God, to receive his love?
Jesus also reveals how God does not give up, even when we’re unwilling.
He does not give up on us when we give up on him.
In Jesus we see how far God goes to rescue us from ourselves.
My will is weak, but his will to love is stronger.
This is encouraging to me, both for myself and for other wanderers.
Am I willing to see God’s open arms still reaching out for me?
Lord, my willingness is weak but yours is strong. Use your wings to bring me in, even when I am running away.


  1. Abba Father. The Father is loving – protective and wanting to be there for us: “how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing.” Living under the shadow of our heavenly Father if we deliberately stay under the shadow. It’s when we wander away – but then the picture of the good shepherd leaving the flock to find the lost one – to bring that lost one back to the fold. Lord use us too to reach out to others that are wandering – use us to help in some way to bring them back. There are so many who are caught up in addiction or mental duress – even in our own circles but especially those who frequent meals at Urban Hope. May any conversations and connections we make there have impact!

  2. It was also the religious leaders who wanted to get rid of Jesus. However Jesus knew of His task and continued to press onward doing what He came to do – His Father’s will. He continued to gather His own giving what they needed. His love and mercy and grace. The task that the religious leaders were to proclaim but didn’t. They were not able through their own blindness to see Jesus. Each day anew I need to dress myself in His armour and proclaim that He is Lord and He will enable me to serve Him also on this day He has made.

    1 Come to Jesus,
    Come to Jesus,
    Come to Jesus just now, just now.
    Come to Jesus,
    Come to Jesus just now!
    2 Only trust him, …
    3 He is able, …
    4 He will save you, …

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