Tell yourself to rest in God!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.” (??Psalms? ?62:5?)
David is going through a challenging times.
The people around him are being two-faced, talking but not being nice.
He feels under attack, and his soul (inner self) is rest-less.
I like how he uses self-talk to stay strong in the Lord.
He reminds himself that inner peace is not found in external peace.
When the world is in turmoil around us, we can have peace within us.
But we need to seek it, to cling to it, to strengthen ourselves in it.
Through different practices, we can strengthen God’s peace in our soul.
Self-talk, speaking to yourself, reminding yourself is one way.
I use my journal for this; I talk to the Lord, and to myself.
I write down what I know to be true, whether I feel it or not.
I say it out loud, sometimes loudly, to be louder than the other ‘voices’.
You don’t have to journal to do this; talk out loud to Jesus.
Tell your soul – out loud – to find rest in God!
Lord, you are my rest, and my soul experiences peace when I seek you like this. Truly my soul finds rest in you!


  1. I know this to be true and have experienced God’s protecting grace: “Power belongs to you, God,
    12 and with you, Lord, is unfailing love”; I know He loves me and cares for me. HS keep me close to the right way with you my Lord and Savior – in you I trust. Keep me from floundering or doubting – but continue to grow in trust and firmness in resolve to serve you wherever and whenever I can!

  2. God is my Refuge and Strength.
    Each morning when I arise I greet Him and spend time with Him.
    He is my strength and power as I serve Him this day. His love for my I need to share with those I meet during my journey through the day. The joy of the Lord God is my strength and song this day and always. He is my security as He enables me this day to serve Him.

    1 God is our refuge and our strength,
    in straits a present aid;
    therefore, although the earth remove,
    we will not be afraid:

    2 Though hills amidst the seas be cast;
    though waters roaring make,
    and troubled be; yea, though the hills
    by swelling seas do shake.

    3 A river is, whose streams make glad
    the city of our God;
    the holy place, wherein the Lord
    most high hath his abode.

    4 God in the midst of her doth dwell;
    nothing shall her remove:
    The Lord to her an helper will,
    and that right early, prove.

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