Looking up!?


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“This is a remote place,” they said, “and it’s already very late.” (Mark 6:35)
I can relate to the disciples, feeling overwhelmed by the needs and problems.
A huge amount of people, and not enough resources to help them all.
Have you faced situations that felt bleak (remote) and hopeless (late)?
Have you felt inadequate for the challenges you faced, that it was all too much?
When Jesus says “You give them something to eat.” (Mark 6:37), does he mean it?
Or is this a lesson to teach them that they CANNOT do it by themselves?
When they bring what they have to Jesus, it is obviously not enough.
But the key is that they bring what they have – not enough – to Jesus!
Do I do this when I feel overwhelmed and stretched beyond my ability to help?
I do not know how Jesus will help, but I do believe that Jesus can help.
Looking back at past situations, somehow Jesus did help, did provide.
Maybe instead of looking around at the remote and late situation, look up!
“Looking up to heaven, he gave thanks…” (Mark 6:41); can I do the same in my situation?
It will certainly be more effective that my moaning and groaning about the problems!
Lord, I have not been looking up and giving thanks. By looking down I’ve felt down; its time to try looking up!


  1. “You give them something to eat.” We might not have much but with Jesus we have more than we think – it’s a matter of looking to him! I’ve had to learn that, time and time again. Even the power of a prayer offered in faith – matters so much more and is more effective than we think. Jesus says – respond – give them something – even a little – by trusting in Jesus – even the little we offer – makes a difference. Lord, help me not downplay the importance of acting within your will – even if it seems hopeless! Use the little that I can do leverage what you can do! Help me to be faithful in ‘giving something to eat!”

  2. The cost.
    All too often the cost of doing for Christ gets in our way.
    Yet, the resources we have are for His purposes. Prayerfully do what one can with what one has. It is He who provides. The disciples had to turn to Jesus . They lacked the resources to feed the crowd. They were totally dependent upon Him. And all obeyed His will obediently by doing as He asked. I too need to depend totally on Him and do as He desires. He supplies. He answers. He provides. I need to see that each day anew walking with my Saviour Who empowers me to do His will.

    1 We give thee but thine own,
    whate’er the gift may be;
    all that we have is thine alone,
    a trust, O Lord, from thee.

    2 May we thy bounties thus
    as stewards true receive
    and gladly, as thou blessest us,
    to thee our first fruits give.

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