Whose agenda?


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“They schemed to arrest Jesus secretly and kill him.” (Matthew 26:4)
Here we have an anticipation of what is to come, from two different perspectives.
Jesus has a sense of destiny, what He must do to maximize God’s purpose.
The religious leaders have a selfish goal, to protect their own interests.
Jesus is thinking about God’s agenda, the religious leaders about their own agenda.
Whose agenda do I have in mind?
Am I doing what I do each day to preserve and protect myself?
Or am I focused on doing what advances God’s purpose?
Jesus not only speaks about his own cross, but urges us to take up our cross too.
The cross symbolizes putting aside self interest, comfort and ambition for others.
These reflections seem very relevant to me right now.
The Lord is challenging me on my agenda, on how I respond to issues and challenges.
Am I putting myself aside for God and others, am I eager to bless and help others?
Or will I be like the religious leaders, avoiding risk and pursuing my advantage?
Jesus took up his cross for me, will I take up my cross for him?
Lord, I want to be like you, but if I’m honest I often behave more like the religious leaders, doing whatever I must to keep my life safe, comfortable.

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  1. “they schemed to arrest Jesus secretly and kill him.” How dark – how sinister – but it was the only way. It could not be done in the light – when people are watching as there would have been an uproar. I think of the scheming that goes on in this world – the killing, the back stabbing- the plots that are made behind closed doors. How wrong it is! Yet it was the only way for Jesus to be wrongfully convicted so that He the innocent one would be the ‘sacrifice’ for all our sins. The Lamb led to the slaughter for me for us! How dark yet how it led to the saving of the world!

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