Do you see Jesus?

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 25:31-46

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty…” (Matthew 25:44)
Here is a thought that could revolutionize our daily living.
Imagine if you saw Jesus in every person you met today.
How I treat them… this is how I am treating Jesus!
When Jesus becomes human, he identifies with every person.
I’ve usually assumed that the people Jesus mentions here are innocent victims.
But even those in prison for crimes, even people in need because of gambling?
Even those sick because of neglecting their health?
Is Jesus in every person somehow, and also in me?
We are saved by grace to become gracious, to help others who may not deserve it.
Think of the most extreme examples of people you do NOT think of as Jesus.
Including the one’s that hurt me, cheat me, annoy me, mock me, bore me, etc.
Look at each person today as if they were Jesus; how will you treat Jesus in them?
Our response to Jesus is the key to whether we enter eternal life or not (v.46).
According to Jesus, this includes how I respond to him in others!
Lord, open my eyes to see you today. Help me not to hurt, ignore or talk disrespectfully about you today!

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  1. There is no doubt that people living selfish lives without care for the needy, the victims of injustice, the persons caught up in addictions, the distressed – will be judged. Oh Lord forgive me for my selfish ways – help me to be caring like you are my God. You cared so much to make the way out available to us through Jesus – may our gratitude reflect in our generosity for others. Help me Lord to see what you see! Each person I meet could be you – and in a sense is – because they are all image bearers of God.

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