Putting a price on God’s love!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“The handsome price at which they valued me!” (Zechariah 11:13)
“The one they have pierced… a firstborn son.” (Zechariah 12:10)

Jesus is the shepherd that cares for the sheep, and yet is rejected by them.
Jesus is valued at thirty pieces of silver by the Pharisees and Judas (Matthew 27:1-10).
Jesus is the one that is pierced in Jerusalem, like a firstborn son.
Jesus embodies God’s relationship with Israel, and suffers the same result.
God is a shepherd to Israel, yet they do not value God, they reject and pierce God.
God’s response is not to to reject them back but to use their rejection for good.
God lets them go their way, then turns that way to a way of salvation.
This is how much God loves us, by embracing our sin to rescue us from it.
Jesus is for me the best picture of love, a love that is self-denying, other-blessing.
Jesus willingly embraces our poverty so that he can make us rich.
I see nothing but grace from Genesis to Revelation, humble, accommodating grace.
Jesus displays God’s immense patience by saving the worst of sinners (1 Timothy 1:15-16).
We may not value God enough, but there is no doubt how much God values us!
Lord, you are the embodiment of humble gracious love. Your immense patience for me and for everyone is worth more than all the gold and silver there is.


  1. Can God finally get tired. Can the shepherd get tired of caring for the sheep? “The flock detested me, and I grew weary of them 9 and said, “I will not be your shepherd.” I am sure God is tired of seeing how we go the wrong way – get got up in all kinds of temptation and controversies. Will Jesus say that He will no longer be my shepherd? Will he grow weary of me? Yes, the flock detested the Shepherd – and we see that today – but there are many more who simply do not know Jesus. Not knowing him is not the same as detesting him. I can see the shepherd weary of those that do detest him – and maybe I should too – rather concentrate on sharing with those who do not know. Lord help me to be discerning and to be a faithful shepherd looking for lost sheep and use me to help bring some back to be under your care.

  2. Jesus comes with all his grace,
    Comes to save a fallen race:
    Object of our glorious hope,
    Jesus comes to lift us up.

    Let the living stones cry out;
    Let the seed of Abraham shout;
    Praise we all our lowly King,
    Give him thanks, rejoice, and sing.

    He has our salvation wrought,
    He our captive souls has bought,
    He has reconciled to God,
    He has washed us in his blood.

    We are now his lawful right,
    Walk as children of the light;
    We shall soon obtain the grace,
    Pure in heart, to see his face.

    We shall gain our calling’s prize;
    After God we all shall rise,
    Filled with joy, and love, and peace,
    Perfected in holiness.

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