Unexpected treasure

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 13:47-52

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Like the owner who brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old.” (Matthew 13:52)
Many of us have so much in storage, we even forget what treasures we have there.
A rare Royal Doulton among the dishes, a rare 1978 ‘Luke Skywalker’ figure with the toys.
Jesus is talking about ‘teachers of the law’ who thought they already knew their bible.
When they meet Jesus, they discover new treasure in the pages they already know.
Have you ever read a familiar passage, and then a verse jumps out at you?
God grabs your heart, you gain new insight, your perspective changes!
There will always be new things to learn, or old things to learn anew!
Learning with Jesus as his disciple is like this, if we stay engaged in learning.
As disciples in the kingdom, we are learners, explorers, discoverers.
Beware of thinking that you already know it; you are showing your ignorance.
Always stay open to being challenged to rethink what you know.
The bible is like a stuffed storage closet or attic, dig in and explore…
If you seek, you will find; if you are hungry, you will be satisfied.
At this point we have only just begun to discover the treasures found in Jesus!
Lord, help me to see how little I know, how much more there is to learn. Make me an open, eager ‘learner’ that I may bring out new treasures as well as old!


  1. Fishing and sorting out the good from the bad. Bringing out treasures both old and new: “brings out of his storeroom new treasures as well as old”. This fishing and bringing and sorting – seeking wisdom and discernment – all things that help me to grow in my faith. To delight in wisdom and learning as I read the old testament and therein see the treasures in the new – the teaching and life of Jesus, of the apostles of Paul and today – many he provide wonderful insights – who connect with the things we learn by discovery via science. Old and new things all to encourage me in praising the creator – in knowing Jesus more deeply in my living! Thank you for the treasures!

  2. Being a child of the King, I need to be a follower of His way. Not my will but His will be done. And to do His will I need to learn His way and not get lost in my way. The old revealed Christ who was to come and the new revealed Christ Who had come. As I continue to read His Word may I find new ways to apply it to my daily living for Jesus. His Word contains treasures galore which I must explore.

    Thy word is a lamp unto my feet
    And a light unto my path
    Thy word is a lamp unto my feet
    And a light unto my path

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