A Eutychus moment


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“On the first day of the week we came together to break bread.” (Acts 20:7)
The first Jesus followers made it their regular practice to meet on Sundays.
It was an obvious day to meet, since it was Jesus’s resurrection day.
This was not a matter of the law, but a matter of God-powered faith building.
When they met it was a spiritual experience, fellowship in the Spirit.
As Jesus followers we still meet with the Lord and each other to be renewed.
Whenever believers meet, Jesus is present with them in power (Matthew 18:20).
And things happen: people are encouraged, healed, restored, challenged – revival!
Why do you participate in your church gatherings?
Do you expect Jesus things to happen, or are your sleeping through it?
I can’t blame Eutyches for falling asleep – I would have too – but he needed revival!
But it makes me think about how engaged or distracted we are when we gather.
Is your church experience refreshing you, or lulling you to sleep?
The Spirit is present, and things are happening whether we see them or not.
Let’s pray for a Eutychus moment – being revived, not asleep – the next time we meet!
Lord, awaken us with your loving power the next time we meet, so that we may have a Eutychus moment too!


  1. “sinking into a deep sleep” – Tired and exhausted – it is hard to keep my mind on anything. How often have I started to nod off as I am reading. Paul had so much to share – so he spoke through the night – people knew he would be leaving them. Sometimes there is so much we like to say – but the listener’s minds must be able to listen and to process. It is best to spend time in devotions in the morning when I am fresh -however, i have to discipline myself not to think about the things that ‘I have to’ or ‘want to do’ today! That too is a distraction. Lord, help me not to let my special time with you not to be distracted or that my mind is so weary that I nod off! Prod me HS to do better!

  2. Eutychus reminds me of myself attending church growing up. I too have fallen asleep in church and others have noticed, even told me that they saw me sleeping. That doesn’t help to be strengthened and re-energized in the Lord for the week ahead. To focus on the message I have started to make notes on the message – highlights to encourage and challenge me on my way. His Word makes me alive to serve Him and to grow in the Way. May my ears always be open to hear the Spirit moving me to do His will.

    1. “Dwell in me, o blessed Spirit! How I need They help divine! In the way of life eternal, Keep, O keep this heart of mine!”

    2. “Round the cross where Thou hast led me, Let my purest feelings twine. With the blood from sin that cleansed me, Seal anew this heart of mine.”

    3. “Let me feel Thy sacred presence; Then my faith will ne’er decline. Comfort Thou and help me onward; Fill with love this heart of mine.”

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