Religious violence?


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“They were furious and began shouting: ‘Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!’” (Acts 19:28)
How do we respond when people belittle or dishonour what we believe?
Do we feel threatened, do we become defensive, do we become negative or aggressive?
If we truly think that what we believe is true, we should not feel threatened.
These men cannot change the truth of Jesus, even in their fury and aggression.
Some religious groups respond to ‘blasphemy’ with fury and violence.
It seems to me that this exposes their beliefs as false, if they have to defend them.
You don’t have to defend a lion; just let it go, and watch it defend itself.
We don’t have to defend Jesus against critics; let him free and he will defend Himself.
The way of Jesus challenges us to respond differently when we face differences.
“Bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.” (Luke 6:28)
As a Jesus follower, I need to respond to opposition and violence like Jesus did.
Fury and violence are not the Jesus Way, but grace and mercy and blessing are.
People are not won to Jesus by arguments or attacks, but by humility and grace.
We cannot overcome evil with evil, but we can overcome it with good (Romans 12:21)!
Lord, help me to resist anger, defensiveness and violence when I hear people attack or mock you. Help me to love more, bless more, forgive more… like you did!


  1. “will be robbed of her divine majesty.” A god – robbed of divine majesty – a god needing a defense by men? A god dependent on man is no god – is a fake – an imagination and construction of man. Oh what a joke – yet the mob was ready to lynch Paul as they were driven into passion by all the tradespeople who stood to lose if the ‘goddess business quackery’ falls apart. Its like the substantial conspiracy and baseless propaganda that floats around today espousing to be truth. Yet the mob dynamics were there – but God protected Paul and his team! The true God does not need us to defend Him! He defends us!

  2. Grace and truth shall mark the way where the Lord my God will lead.
    At all times, as far as it depends upon me I need to live at peace with all mankind. My words and deeds show that I am His and He is mine. The love of God shared at all times needs to be my response standing up for Jesus. Jesus Saviour pilot me at all times in all situations so that others may see that I am a child of the King.

    1 Grace and truth shall mark the way
    Where the Lord His own will lead,
    If His word they still obey
    And His testimonies heed.

    2 For Thy Name’s sake hear Thou me,
    For Thy mercy, Lord, I wait;
    Pardon my iniquity,
    For my sin is very great.

    3 He who walks in godly fear
    In the path of truth shall go;
    Peace shall be his portion here,
    And his sons all good shall know.

    4 They that fear and love the Lord
    Shall Jehovah’s friendship know;
    He will grace to them accord,
    And His faithful covenant show.

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