Am I paying attention?


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“How is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time?” (Luke 12:56)
Jesus says we should be able to interpret what is happening in the world.
Think it through, where is society and the world drifting?
The gap between rich and poor, the rise in mental illness and addictions…
Family breakdown and dysfunctionality, social and racial tensions…
Moral relativism and depravity, rampant greed and sexual abuse…
Distrust of institutions, political corruption and extreme politics…
The impact of global warming and creation abuse is being felt…
The world is not getting better and better, new issues are replacing old ones!
People are lost, confused, desperate, defeated, they’ve lost their anchor!
But Jesus’ frustration is not with the world, but with religious people.
Our world needs Jesus, not church or religion or religious politics.
Our world needs God’s kingdom; grace and justice for all, especially the ‘poor’ (v.33).
Our world is in crisis, and Jesus invites me to join him in reconciling it!
Jesus is asking me to do what I can while I can, while there is still time (v.58).
Lord, like the ostrich I might not see because I do not want to see. Strengthen my desire to see and serve people like you do, eager to reconcile this sad hurting world.


  1. Listen to the signs – Lord help me discern and interpret what you are trying to say to me. Help me to be attentive to your voice – knowing that you love me and care for me – your child. Help to arrest my own arrogance and pride and humbly listen. Holy Spirit work within me I pray- and make me active to be offering hope – to be really ‘church’ as it’s meant to be – not fossilized or institutionally and hung up with form and tradition: rather a vibrant community of believers who walk the talk! (Acts 2)

  2. How do I read the times of today?
    We need a Saviour today and the people need a change in heart to see Jesus as the answer. We need to put our trust in Him that He will continue to lead and guide so we/I can serve Him always. I need to stand upon the Rock as I continue to serve Him. His will be done.

    Change my heart oh God
    Make it ever true
    Change my heart oh God
    May I be like You

    You are the potter
    I am the clay
    Mold me and make me
    This is what I pray

    Change my heart oh God
    Make it ever true
    Change my heart oh God
    May I be like You

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