Refusing to submit to evil spirits!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.” (Luke 10:17)
As disciples of Jesus, do we realize our authority over evil?
I believe that evil spirits are body-less voices of fear and deception.
Their only power is the lie, but they use it to great success!
James urges us to resist the evil one, and he will flee from us (James 4:7).
This is not some extreme superpower, it is just refuting the lie with truth.
When those negative voices whisper lies, we can declare the truth!
Jesus is Lord, the enemy has fallen, sin is beaten, death is overcome.
This may or may not change our immediate situation, but it will change us!
The enemy’s greatest success is when he gets into our heads with his lies.
He distracts, discourages and ultimately pushes us to despair and defeat.
I can’t keep his lies from flying over my head…
But I can keep them from building a nest in my hair!
Even “little children” (v.21) like us can experience the enemy’s submission!
Remind today’s challenges of Jesus’ victory… and evil spirits will lose their grip on you!
Lord, negative thoughts enter my mind all the time. Help me to resist them all the time, and to feel the joy of my victory in you!


  1. Lord help us remember the authority you have given us over evil spirits – help us to remember our strength is not in the authority itself but in you who we are agents of! Thank you for the simplicity in your wisdom, that we might miss it if we overthink!

  2. Jesus disciples got to walk with Jesus and learn directly from him. They also witnessed the miracles and they themselves were impowered. They were blessed as Jesus said: “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see.” I am blessed too – but do I see what the disciples saw – I think when I open my faith eyes I do. Then I do see what Jesus is doing and I experience God’s grace in my life. Sometimes I may want to see more ‘miraculous’ intervention – and miracles do happen. Situations and positions and sicknesses do respond to our prayers for God’s intervention. God does care and listen. Help me to see with eyes of faith – I am blessed!

  3. The joy of the Lord God is my strength. He gave the disciples the power to overcome in His name and that is still true today. Today God Is First as He must be every day and in that name and power I go forward living for Jesus walking in His SonShine. Open my eyes Lord. Open my ears Lord. May I see You in all I do and say.

    Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
    Open the eyes of my heart
    I want to see You
    I want to see You
    Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
    Open the eyes of my heart
    I want to see You
    I want to see You
    To see You high and lifted up
    Shinin’ in the light of Your glory
    Pour out Your power and love
    As we sing holy, holy, holy

  4. I find the lies are like weeds with runners and for me mostly self accusatory creating an “enemy within”. It is work to remove let alone kill the weeds and so tiresome. And sometimes “the truth” makes me miserable long before it sets me free. I have stinging nettle growing currently in my garden outside and it is just about impossible to remove all of it. I think I may have some growing inside my heart, constantly irritating, looking lovely and green but choking out all things good. Painful to remove. My prayer today is for strength to weed and allow new seeds of truth to be planted.

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