Day 11 – Holy Land Tour

Today is DAY 11 (May 13).
We are the temple of God, where He welcomes the sacrifice of love.
Everyone of us is a living stone, everyone of us has a place in His temple.
Love, peace and grace are the mortar that holds a church together.
I recall once a church in a bitter legal battle for the church building.
How ironic, their fighting was tearing down the only building God was interested in.
Buildings can be helpful tools for accomplishing the mission of the church.
But often the members become the tools needed to maintain the building, the new mission.
God isn’t impressed by our buildings, no matter how nice them are.
If the early church could survive without buildings, can we?
Is this COVID-19 situation challenging the way we think about church and buildings?
COVID-19 cannot stop us from loving each other, and this is what makes God’s temple.
Just some random thoughts ion today’s session.

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  1. What struck me was the controls on people – you couldn’t trade or participate in governance or even get fire w/o some acknowledgment to the ‘gods’. This was already prophesied to happen – and happens in places today. We need to be counter-cultural – when it comes to given obeisance that conflicts with true worship of God. How do I compromise – is the question! When should I take a stand and how do I love my neighbour – serve my neighbour in the face of rejection of my Jesus?

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