Day 10 – Holy Land Tour

Today is DAY 10 (May 12).
What struck me was how hard it was for Jesus followers to belong.
To follow Jesus as Lord put you at odds with your neighbours.
You could not participate in society (the market, politics) like others.
But you could still make your presence known – by how we loved all people.
“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13:35)
This is how Jesus changed the world then; this is how He will do it today.
Not by protests, not be petitions, not by politics, but by the fruit of the Spirit.
We show the world God’s way, the way of grace, mercy, peace and love.
If we are living like this, I suspect people will want to belong to us!
I was especially struck by how the different classes treated each other as equals.
Is this how our neighbours know and experience us?
Are people struck by how welcome and included they are among us?
Or are we as divided (if not by class, then by clique) as the world around us?
The way Jesus still works in the world today is through His followers.

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