Day 3 – Holy Land Tour

Today is DAY 3 (May 5).
I didn’t realize how barren and lifeless the wilderness was.
How can those trees survive such a barren wasteland?
And yet they become lessons for life in this world.
The rottem tree for shade and the acacia with roots reaching to the river.
The tamarisk planted in faith and the arar tree that deceives with empty fruit.
I’ve been reflecting on how God is revealed in creation.
This pandemic is leading many people to discover the outdoors again.
That is a good thing, because it brings us closer to our Creator.
He is always with us, but perhaps our walls are barriers to experiencing God.
If I look outside at the grass, or the trees, or the birds, what can I learn?
Is there a life lesson right in front of me, and I am not seeing it?
Do you see any life lessons around you, in the things of nature?

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  1. The Israelites in the desert were surrounded by mountains, and according to psalm 121: they lifted their eyes to the mountains, from where shall our help come?’ But they found out that ‘our help comes from the Lord who made heaven an earth’. The lord was their shade and the sun did not strike them by day
    because of all the different trees. The lesson for us is that God will provide whatever we stand in need of.

  2. To be an acacia tree – deeply rooted and able to draw water from deep below the river – and endure even a decade of drought – firmly routed in faith in Jesus. Then reflecting on Abraham planting a tamaranth tree – knowing full well it wouldn’t benefit him – but only future generations – made me think what am I doing to plant seeds of ‘insight’ into my children and grand children? What can I do now that will benefit them and their children’s children – nothing more durable that God’s word – then being a follower of Jesus! What can I do now to benefit the future generations? We benefit from the writings of the Gospel writers, the epistles, the writings of Paul – the witness they shared of Jesus. Can we share and bear testimony of God’s grace that benefits the future generations?

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