Thanks for the warning!

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: Matthew 24:15-25

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“To deceive, if possible, even the elect.” (Matthew 24:24)
Jesus is warning them about the coming crisis in Jerusalem (70 AD).
But His words apply to all historic crises, past and present and future.
As always, behind these events the Deceiver is trying to deceive believers.
Is it possible… in my own experience the answer is yes.
My mind and heart have been unsettled in the pandemic crisis.
I am still hanging on to Jesus, but my spirit is definitely under attack.
Are you experiencing the same – the negative or dark feelings and fears?
This warning from Jesus is reminding me that I need to be on guard for this.
He is warning us too, in our own context, of the Deceivers plans.
I should not be surprised that I am struggling to stay focused and motivated.
Nor should I be surprised this time of testing is happening – Jesus warned us.
I am not sure how the disciples then prepared themselves, but how about me?
How will I prepare for the Deceiver’s attempts to discourage me and defeat me?
Now is the time to spend more and better time with Jesus – He will help me!
Lord Jesus, now more than ever I need to strengthen my connection to You, so that I can discern the Deceiver’s ways, and refuse them! Thanks for the warning!


  1. Lord – help me not be led astray! I know I have at times deserted you – not defended you and your teaching. Yes, I have been compromised – feeling like Peter – especially after. Help me to stand up and not be deceived by the ways of the wily one, Satan! I know the day came for Jerusalem – and the day is here now for the onslaught to faith in Jesus is real today – the deception like wolfs in sheep clothing! In present circumstances – help me not be discouraged by the ‘birth pangs’.

  2. In times like these – signs of the Lord to wake up and be ready to see His kingdom in all its power and glory. God spoke to His people in days past and He still does that today. I need to come to Him now more than ever for He will take my burden and give me Rest. Help me Lord to use this day to continue serving You faithfully. Help me daily to see Your hand and stay close to You.

    1 Come to the Savior now,
    He gently calleth thee;
    In true repentance bow,
    Before Him bend the knee;
    He waiteth to bestow
    Salvation, peace and love,
    True joy on earth below,
    A home in heaven above.

    2 Come to the Savior now,
    Ye who have wandered far;
    Renew your solemn vow,
    For His by right you are;
    Come, like poor wandering sheep
    Returning to His fold;
    His arm will safely keep,
    His love will ne’er grow cold.

    3 Come to the Savior now!
    He offers all to thee,
    And in His merits thou
    Hast an unfailing plea.
    No vain excuses frame,
    For feelings do not stay;
    None who to Jesus came
    Were ever sent away.

    4 Come to the Savior, all,
    Whate’er your burdens be;
    Hear now His loving call,
    “”Cast all your care on Me.””
    Come, and for every grief,
    In Jesus you will find
    A sure and safe relief,
    A loving Friend and kind.

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