Hearing Jesus (even through bad sermons)

(Sermon preached on Sunday, September 17, 2017, at Maranatha Chruch, Cambridge)
Read through Luke 24:13-35.
As you read this passage, reflect on how the disciples eventually knew it was Jesus speaking to them. Is it possible that Jesus is speaking to us – like He did these disciples – and yet we are unaware of it? What if instead of judging the sermons we hear (or the bible passages we read) as good or bad, easy or hard, we would ask ourselves the question, ‘what is Jesus saying to me?’
Is there something in the passage or message that is relevant to you? Something that is convicting you, even a little? Or something that is motivating you, even a little? That stirring in your heart may be an indication that Jesus is speaking to you.
When Jesus spoke, He was not just looking for people to hear what He said, He wanted them to respond to what He said, to do something. If Jesus is stirring something up in your heart, what will you do about it? How will you respond?
I am convinced that if we listened carefully with our hearts, we would hear Jesus speaking to us, even through bad sermons.
What do you think?

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