Look what I did!!!

Being Dutch, I am too cheap to hire a plumber. So when the P-drain snapped off from rust, I was determined to fix it myself. What you see here is the finished result, and its not leaking! Some of you may be snickering, ‘that’s not a big job’… or ‘that’s not the right way!’ Nevermind, I did it myself, and it worked.

Some jobs should be left to the professionals (don’t attempt a root canal on your own). But Jesus did not intend to leave the business of the church in the hands of professionals. He took ordinary, unschooled disciples and trained them to continue His work (Acts 4:13).

The task of showing and sharing God’s love is not the minister’s job. You don’t have to be ordained by the church, you are ordained by the Spirit. The gift of the Spirit is to equip disciples to be Jesus’ witnesses (Acts 1:8). The task of church leaders is to equip disciples for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12).

I’m not saying it is easy, and I’m not saying that you will always do it correctly. As for the P-Drain, it took many trips to Home Depot, and several calls to my brother for advice. But when it comes to sharing and showing God’s love like Jesus, you can do it too!

Stop thinking that its up to church professionals or church programs to do this! You are the church, and with Jesus you have the power to bless others in His Name. Simple words and acts of kindness are more effective than all the professionals and programs put together. Humbly knowing God’s grace to you, and humbly showing God’s grace to others – THIS is the work of the church.

Jesus follower, be encouraged! You can fix a P-drain too. And you can be a powerful witness to Jesus and His love!!!

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