Love beyond the law!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath or not?” (Luke 14:3)
For every law in the bible I want to know WHY it is there.
Some laws are harder than others; some I can’t figure out.
But for most laws I can usually see good reasons for them.
God wants to protect us, to enhance life and not burden it.
This is especially clear in the life and teachings of Jesus.
Jesus takes us beyond obeying laws to obeying God’s intention.
The laws against murder include anger, hatred and name calling.
The laws for sabbath include healing and helping others.
The laws for giving include self-sacrifice, mercy and forgiveness.
We reduce obedience to not doing bad things.
Jesus shows us how obeying the law is so much more.
It is ALWAYS lawful to do good, be generous, forgive, heal, etc.
“Against such things there is no law.” (Galatians 5:23)
Jesus points us beyond the laws to the reason for the laws: LOVE!
Lord, there really is only one command: to love! Help me to love – to be kind, forgiving, merciful, generous, helpful… like you.


  1. “he healed him and sent him on his way.” Sabbath is about rest – about the freedom to not work but just take the time to relax and reflect. Jesus rescued this person from a swelling his body – on the Sabbath – just like you would rescue a child if they had fallen into a well or any other situation. You would. Not working on the Sabbath is not an excuse. Respecting the Sabbath is respecting the time and freedom to pull away from normal work and routine to spend time ‘smelling the roses’ and appreciating the creator’s beautiful creation – to have the time to meditate or just read a book! Revel in what God has done and is doing!

  2. There is but one command – LOVE God. Love Man.
    That is the summary of the laws. That cover all. Do that and live. Really live.
    Hearing the laws like the religious leaders of Jesus’ time meant obeying them to the letter of the law. Even many of the man made laws. But the Spirit of the law is to do right; to do good; to show the love of God.
    Help me an instrument of Your peace Lord this day.

    Verse 1
    Love, love, love, love
    The gospel in a word is love!
    Love your neighbor as your brother
    Love, love, love
    Verse 2
    Joy, joy, joy, joy
    The gospel in a word is joy!
    Joy that fills to overflowing
    Joy, joy, joy
    Verse 3
    Peace, peace, peace, peace
    The gospel in a word is peace!
    Peace that passes understanding
    Peace, peace, peace
    Verse 4
    Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ
    The gospel in a word is Christ!
    Love Him, serve Him, and adore Him
    Christ, Christ, Christ

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