Getting what we want!?


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“There will be weeping there, and gnashing of teeth…” (Luke 13:28)
Jesus is still speaking about those who thought they were ‘saved’.
He describes a scene where people from all times and places gather.
It will be a huge feast and celebration, and Jesus will welcome each one.
But there will be some not celebrating, not enjoying God’s lavish grace.
Some will stand there with angry tears, not happy with what they’re seeing.
Like Judas, they were with Jesus, but their hearts were not.
Like Judas, they will experience deep sorrow, but not humble remorse.
Their sorrow will be mixed with anger (gnashing of teeth, Acts 7:54).
It was not humility and grace, love and justice, that drew them to Jesus
Being saved is more than getting out of ‘hell’ and into ‘heaven’.
It is being rescued from selfisness, greed, lust and pride, and hating them!
According to Jesus, some ‘believers’ have not really rejected these.
These are the ones who will be hugely disappointed on the last day.
In the end we all get what we deep down want… but do we really want that?
Lord, if we don’t embrace humble love now, why would we want it for eternity? Help me to see that what I seek now will be what I receive for eternity.


  1. Lord thank you for this reminder of why sometimes it feels like we’re called to lose. Thank you for your steadfast love and support and keeping us going when things don’t work out (or so we think). Help us be strong when we feel like we’re last, and remember that’s part of your plan too.

  2. “will take their places” – God is preparing a place for me. I don’t know how much longer it will be before I go to take up my seat at the table. There are many who have gone before me – I think particularly of my parents and relatives who are long buried. What matters not whether I’m first or last – what matters is that I ‘will take my place’. For some, like the person on the cross beside Jesus – will come to Jesus at the last minute – and he was promised a place with Jesus at the table. I too must use the time that Jesus still gives me – to be fruitful in his kingdom!

  3. Like the bridesmaids, some see the feast from afar and were not invited. The love of Christ was not in their hearts. I am not my own but belong to Him and His love for me must shine through me in what I do and say this day. Christ in me and I in Him. His will be done in my living for Jesus.

    The whole world was lost
    In the darkness of sin,
    The Light of the world is Jesus!
    Like sunshine at noonday,
    His glory shone in.
    The Light of the world is Jesus!


    Come to the light, ’tis shining for thee;
    Sweetly the light has dawned upon me.
    Once I was blind, but now I can see:
    The Light of the world is Jesus!

    No darkness have we
    Who in Jesus abide;
    The Light of the world is Jesus!
    We walk in the light
    When we follow our Guide!
    The Light of the world is Jesus!


    Ye dwellers in darkness
    With sin blinded eyes,
    The Light of the world is Jesus!
    Go, wash, at His bidding,
    And light will arise.
    The Light of the world is Jesus!


    No need of the sunlight
    In Heaven we’re told;
    The Light of the world is Jesus!
    The Lamb is the Light
    In the city of gold,
    The Light of the world is Jesus!

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