To love and to live wisdom!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“I have considered my ways and turned my steps to your (wisdom).” (Psalm 119:59)
As I read this Psalm I replace ‘law’ words (decree, statute) with ‘wisdom’.
Behind God’s laws there is the wisdom of love – a better way to live!
This kind of wisdom comes to those who think carefully about their ways.
Do we really consider our ways, our lives, and their consequences?
Too often we do what feels right in the moment, or what makes us feel good.
God’s Spirit urges us to think carefully about how we live.
God’s warnings about sexual immorality, theft, covetousness, deception…
God’s appeals for love, humility, generosity, mercy, justice, compassion…
These are not just rules, they are wise ways to live, for the good of all.
Our world is experiencing the consequence of foolish, selfish living.
Our priorities, values, attitudes and actions are having bad results.
Wisdom calls for rethinking – the root meaning of repent – how we live.
As Jesus followers we ought to be showing this way of wisdom.
For that to happen, we need the heart and passion of this psalm.
Lord, our world needs your way and wisdom. You have sent us into the world to show your way and wisdom. May we passionately love and live your way and wisdom, as this Psalm suggests.

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  1. Seeking what God wants – what His will is – it foundational to a life that finds ultimate and lasting peace, comfort and joy. When I go my own way – I miss the mark – I disappoint God – but He doesn’t give up on me – He discipline’s me – I may not like it – but when it puts me back on track – that I realize that understanding God’s laws, His will – puts me in a special place of blessing. HS continue to work with me and draw me closer to your will. That I my humble my pride and ego and anxiety and learn to trust in your nudging – that I may grow in love for your ways, Lord Jesus!

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