A peaceful abode


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Your eyes will see Jerusalem, a peaceful abode that will not be moved.” (Isaiah 33:20)
What would this world look like, if it were paradise?
Imagine if there were no violence, hatred, abuse, illness, loneliness, sin.
This is the dream that God holds out to Israel through Isaiah.
But it is presented as a contrast to the misery of their present lives.
Their misery, and ours, is the result of our not letting God be God.
I can relate to this in my own experience.
I have times when I neglect time with God, and just do life on my own.
The times when I do not involve God eventually feels empty or hard.
I increasingly experience burnout, fatigue, frustration or emptiness.
This is not the life God wants for me, or for anyone.
But as long as we hold back from God, we miss out on God’s best.
Our world is the mess it is because people think they can do it without God.
Instead of ‘a peaceful abode that will not be moved’, we experience chaos.
Am I tasting now the life that God wants for me… or trying to do it my way?
Lord, thank you for reminding me where I can find peace and strength. Help me today to taste the LIFE you’re dying to give me!

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  1. As believers we can look forward to a better day: “Look on Zion, the city of our festivals; your eyes will see Jerusalem, a peaceful abode, a tent that will not be moved; its stakes will never be pulled up, nor any of its ropes broken.” To me it’s a picture of the tabernacle set up in the midst of God’s people – providing protection and security. On what do I base my security? There is nothing more secure than to have God dwelling with us. Jesus sent the HS to tabernacle with us – in our hearts. Thank you Lord for your grace in my life – may I rest secure in your presence – always – the stakes will not be pulled up!

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