There’s plenty of room!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“My Father’s house has many rooms…” (John 14:2)
These words have fed into the idea that we are not at home in this world.
Our ultimate destination, so the idea goes, is in heaven, the Father’s house.
This does not fit with what the rest of scripture conveys.
We were made to be at home with God in this world (Genesis 1-3).
At the end of times, God’s dwelling place will come down to earth (Revelation 21:1-4).
And until then, God and Jesus dwell in the hearts of believers (John 14:23).
It helps to see ‘my Father’s house’ as another expression for ‘the kingdom of God’.
It also helps to see ‘my Father’s house’ as the family (household) of God.
God’s kingdom, God’s family, God’s house – the emphasis is on relationship!
The kingdom of God is when humans are at home with God and each other in this world.
Jesus is currently with the Father, working behind the scenes to restore the kingdom.
As we wait, we also work with Jesus to restore God’s kingdom family and home.
Since there is plenty of room, we want to help others experience it as well!
Like Jesus we encourage others not be be troubled, that there’s room for them too!
Lord, this world may not feel like home yet, but you are working on that! Help me to trust you, and work with you in helping others find their home with you!

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  1. There is room for all! There is room for a former Muslim workmate – he knows Jesus but does he know him as his saviour? I pray that he might – that through his interactions with the Gospel – by me and others and by his own reading of scripture. Yet there is room – I pray for the ‘germ’ of faith, of believing – just like the criminal on the cross beside Jesus – that yes, Jesus says there is room for him. I pray for relations and my neighbours. There is room for them – but will Jesus welcome them to a place that He’s prepared? Lord help me and use me to communicate the good news that there is room for them – that they may accept Jesus at his word! That they too make experience a relationship to Jesus!

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