Hating ‘life in this world’


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” (John 12:25)
Jesus’s reputation caught the attention of Greek visitors in Jerusalem (12:20).
They are brought to Jesus, but then Jesus speaks these harsh words… why?
‘Life in this world’ was designed by God to be a gift.
And yet for most – these Greeks too? – it is a miserable, difficult experience.
Sin has made ‘life in this world’ unbearable, filled with injustice, cruelty and pain.
This is what Jesus wants us to hate, and why Jesus came, suffered and died.
He came committed to love, justice, mercy, and was crucified for it.
He hated ‘life in this world’ because he loved God and loved people!
Following Jesus means hating what ‘life in this world’ has become.
Even if life is not hard for me, I should hate how it is hard for others.
If we would like to see Jesus, we need to go where he is, among those who suffer.
If we want to see eternal life for everyone, we need to join Jesus in sharing it.
Jesus is the love seed that produces many love seeds, so that we can sow it too!
I wonder if these Greeks were willing to accept Jesus’s invitation… am I?
Lord, how can I be content with my own comfort when so many others are struggling. Help me to see you as I join with you among those who struggle and suffer, sharing God’s love with them.


  1. Many Greeks said: “we would like to see Jesus.” Then Jesus goes into a teaching about how we really get to see Jesus. Jesus knows he must leave the present scene – this earthly life – to make the way for us to really see Jesus when we die and go to live eternally. Jesus says we must not cling to this life – but use this life to serve him: “Anyone who loves their life will lose it”. Just like a seed that is planted sprouts a new plant – the seed itself is used up – it’s stores are use for the ‘germ’ to grow into a new plant. That seed of faith is what we fan into flame to serve Him! Lord help me to use my present days in service to you wherever, whenever, and whatever – dedicated to you – to encourage myself and others to live lives of service to you.

  2. Thank you for the reminder of restoration through endings – Help me not cling! Help me let things go for your glory, not for my benefit by being able to fix everything!

    It seems that the time came for the glorification just as the message was beginning to spread. Jesus knew that for the next step of the sowing process, he had to drink from the cup.

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