To be wicked?


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“In his arrogance the wicked man hunts down the weak.” (Psalm 10:2)
I grew up believing that being sinful and being wicked were the same thing.
But when I read this description of the wicked, my thinking is changed.
Yes, it is true that we all fall short of the glory of God.
No one of us measures up to God’s goodness, no one can say they are sinless.
But what David describes here is someone that maliciously delights in it.
They shake the fist at God while they unleash their fist against others.
What drives them is not a longing for God or goodness, but for cruel, selfish pleasure.
To say that we are all sinners is not to say that we are all wicked.
I know many non-christians who would equally denounce what this Psalm denounces.
Many sinners have a heart for justice, mercy, compassion, goodness.
“They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts.” (Romans 2:15)
They are not sinless, and they need Jesus to be saved; but they are not wicked.
How anyone – christian or non-christian – treats those who are weaker is God’ concern.
Are we as Jesus followers known for our desire to serve the weak, or to hunt them down?
Lord, I know I am a sinner, but I hate the thought of being cruel like this. You care strongly for the weak and disadvantaged, help me to do the same!


  1. This reminds of the tension in my believing in the providence of God. Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? Why do the wicked seem to have the upper hand. I remember being bullied by other boys – I remember wanting to move out of the neighbourhood we were living in – to move away from always watching over your shoulder – trying to outsmart the bullies. God did not spare me or my brothers from them – nor later in other places. Can’t help but think of the fatherless – a young widow with small children – having to raise them alone as the father/husband was killed in a car crash. Oh yes the community rallied around her – like they did for my Aunt, like they did for my sister-in-law – yet the consequence of a missing person is always there for them. Yet in all cases, even though it seems that God has abandoned them to the situation – God listened to their cries – and that is what I do see. So even though God does not intervene to stop something from happening – he does respond in love and compassion to help His children deal with the consequences. Lord help me to be a part of the communion of saints that holds your children together especially in times of great need.

  2. God does take in account how we live from day to day – serving Him or serving ourselves at the cost of others. Those afflicted need to continue their prayerful lives. The Lord does hear. He does strengthen His people. And as He came to serve I need to do the same – to be an instrument of His peace.

    1. God gives His people strength.
    If we believe in His way, He’s swift to repay
    All those who bear the burden of the day
    God gives His people strength.

    2. God gives His people hope
    If we but trust in His word, our prayers are always heard
    He warmly welcomes anyone who’s erred.
    God gives His people hope.

    3. God gives His people love
    If we but open wide our hearts, He’s sure to do His part
    He’s always the first to make a start.
    God gives His people love.

    4. God gives His people peace.
    When sorrow fills us to the brim, and courage grows dim
    He lays to rest our restlessness in Him.
    God gives His people peace.

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