Jesus my authority!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“He taught as one who had authority, and not as their teachers of the law.” (Matthew 7:29)
Jesus either had a lot of nerve, or he had a lot of authority.
He did not say ‘do what the law says’ but ‘do what I say’!
“You have heard that it was said… But I tell you…” (Matthew 5:27-28).
We need to grasp the radical claim this was, and how it was different.
The ‘teachers of the law’ obeyed the law; it was their authority.
Jesus did not use the law as his authority; he was his own authority.
It was his authority that amazed the people, and angered the religious leaders.
He did not abolish the law, but brought it to it’s complete fulfillment (Matthew 5:17-20).
I believe that if we follow what Jesus said, we will fulfill the law.
I use the bible, like Jesus did, but I preach, teach and follow Jesus.
Without the bible I wouldn’t know Jesus, but without Jesus I can’t understand the bible.
If I want a wise, rock solid life, I need to listen to and obey Jesus.
For me, I am less a ‘teacher of the bible’ than a ‘teacher of Jesus’!
Jesus is my authority; his teaching amazes me, what I want to build my life on!
Lord, I read the bible to help me find you, but I listen to you to help me find life. Your words are my hope, your words are my command!


  1. Hearing and practice! So often we hear a sermon and it encourages us, but if we don’t act on what was said – it is just like watching another movie. It was good at the time – but then we go our own way. Jesus invests in us by the work of the HS – we are challenged and we need to follow through. Lord help me to act on what I hear you saying – then I know I will be building on something very solid – and eternal!

  2. Hearing means doing. To truly hear is to do what one has heard. Hearing the word of the Lord means to do the Word of the Lord in my daily life. I need to be like Christ Jesus to all. It is in His power that I have my being and it is in Him I have true life. All for Jesus, the Rock of my salvation.

    1 All for Jesus! All for Jesus!
    All my being’s ransomed pow’rs,
    all my thoughts and words and doings,
    all my days and all my hours.

    2 Let my hands perform his bidding,
    let my feet run in his ways;
    let my eyes see Jesus only,
    let my lips speak forth his praise.

    3 Worldlings prize their gems of beauty,
    cling to gilded toys of dust,
    boast of wealth and fame and pleasure;
    only Jesus will I trust.

    4 Since my eyes were fixed on Jesus,
    I’ve lost sight of all beside;
    so enchained my spirit’s vision,
    looking at the Crucified.

    5 O what wonder! How amazing!
    Jesus, glorious King of kings,
    deigns to call me his beloved,
    lets me rest beneath his wings.

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