Accepting his invitation?


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Not one of those who were invited will get a taste of my banquet.” (Luke 14:24)
In this parable, those who were first in the invite list make excuses.
They are not interested enough in the banquet, their own lives matter more.
And so the invite goes out to the needy and they eagerly come to it.
I am focusing on what happens to those who were invited first.
God’s covenant people (OT Israel, and the NT Church), are called first.
But they are too busy, too distracted, too wrapped up in themselves.
They make excuses for why living for the banquet does not work for them.
In the context, Jesus is talking about ‘believers’ who do not join with him.
God is on a mission, preparing a banquet for all people (Luke 13:29).
How many of us Christians make excuses for not working for this banquet?
We are the ones called to seek out the needy, to bring them in.
Jesus is challenging our life priorities – our focus on ourselves, not others.
God’s mission is Jesus’s mission is our mission, but are we joining in?
Living for God and others, or living for ourselves – which will it be for me?
Lord, you are passionate about gathering people – expecially those who struggle – for God’s eternal feast. Help me to see my excuses, to stop making them, and to join with you in filling God’s house.


  1. Whether invited or compelled – it’s important that I go to the banquet – no excuses. My motivation has to be that I ‘seek first the kingdom’ and not let other ‘life-stuff’ get in the way. But it also means that I be diligent about inviting or compelling others to come – sharing the good news and making the case for needing to be right with God through Jesus. Help me take every opportunity through the HS to invite and to compel.

  2. The invite to the banquet was for His people who made excuses they could not come – business/work, possessions, or family – were put before God. Those outside the family were invited instead – God’s grace. I need to seek His Kingdom first in all areas of my life.

    I cannot come to the banquet,
    Don’t trouble me now,
    I have married a wife,
    I have bought me a cow,
    I have fields and commitments,
    That cost a pretty sum,
    Pray hold me excused
    I cannot come.

    1- A certain man held a feast
    On his fine estate in town.
    He laid a festive table,
    He wore a wedding gown,
    He sent out invitations
    To his neighbors far and wide,
    But when the meal was ready
    Each of them replied:

    2- The master rose up in anger
    Called his servants by name, said
    Go into town, fetch the blind and the lame
    Fetch the peasant and the pauper
    For this I have willed:
    My banquet must be crowded,
    And my table must be filled.

    3- When all the poor had assembled
    There was still room to spare,
    So the master demanded:
    Go search everywhere.
    Search the highways and the by ways,
    And tell them to come in
    My table must be filled
    Before the banquet can begin.

    4- Now God has written a lesson
    For the rest of mankind:
    If we are slow in responding
    He may leave us behind.
    He is preparing a banquet
    For that great and glorious day,
    When the Lord and Master calls
    Us be certain not to say:

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