Be set free!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Be set free on the Sabbath day from what bound her!” (Luke 13:16)
I can’t relate to Jesus’s ability to heal, but I do relate to his desire to set people free.
The religious leaders were more concerned about protecting their religious program.
They were so concerned about protecting God’s law, they forgot about the goal of the law.
How many people today are still “kept bound” by some kind of darkness or deception?
So many people in bondage, but am I engaged in setting them free, or doing church?
This story speaks to me as a church leader, and calls me to consider my priorities.
Week after week I ‘run the program’ and ‘defend the system’.
But what about those who need more than a church program or system?
Do I sometimes forget the people while working for the church?
God sends Jesus to set people free, and we are surrounded by people in need.
Jesus sends me to continue his mission of helping people find hope, healing, grace.
The church, like the sabbath, is a gift that can help us do this.
But when church, or sabbath, take precedence over people, something is wrong.
May I spend more time today doing people stuff than doing churchy stuff!
Lord, I don’t know how to set people free, but it won’t happen until I first want to set them free. Set me free from my own churchy chains so that you can help me set other captives free!


  1. The sabbath is for healing – for rest – for connecting with God! It’s when I am too busy for sabbath that I need rest and healing. TGIS – thank God its Sabbath or Sunday – but we need sabbath times daily – times to pause and reflect – to pray and connect – its healing – its listening to the HS within us – then we will experience healing and renewal even in the face of tough times and doubt and regret or worry! Lord help me to find daily sabbath rest so that I might be freed up to serve – to bring sabbath rest to others!

  2. Once again we see that Satan’s power is limited. He can not prevent the building of His Kingdom. The woman was set free. I too need to be free – not bound that keeps me from doing His will – showing the love of Christ and the freedom He gives to serve Him and those around me. Love God. Love man.

    Love, love, love, love
    The Gospel in a word is love
    Love your neighbor as your brother [sister]
    Love, love, love
    Love, love, love, love
    The Gospel in a word is love
    Love your neighbor as your mother [father]
    Love, love, love

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