Surprised by their help!?

Pakistani Muslims build church for Christian neighbors


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Whatever is needed must be given them daily without fail.” (Ezra 6:9)
There are times when Jesus followers will experience opposition (ch.5).
And there are times when they will be supported in their work (ch.6).
The Jews then were building a temple; as Jesus followers we are building people!
Our temple is not the church building, but the people around us that need God’s help.
Throughout history Jesus followers have led the way in kingdom work.
They started many schools, hospitals, charities and social justice movements.
I believe the Lord is behind this, sending his followers to continue his work.
Sometimes people will resist them, but often they will admire what they do!
They may even support the work of Jesus followers for justice and mercy.
I admire the perseverance of the Jews for doing God’s work despite resistance.
And I am encouraged how God supports them through the non-Jewish king Darius.
As Jesus followers we do not need to seek opposition or support.
We just need to be faithful in joining Jesus in pursuing justice and mercy.
We may face resistance; but we may also be surprised to see who ends up helping us!
Lord, there are many people who are not following you, who support your kingdom work of justice and mercy. Thank you for reminding me that you are making sure your kingdom work will not be interfered with!


  1. God had a reputation – note how they the local officials objected to the rebuilding of “the temple of the great God”. Yet God had influenced Cyrus, Darius and Artaxerxes, kings of Persia. And when all the rebuilding was done they celebrated this that “the Lord had filled them with joy by changing the attitude of the king of Assyria so that he assisted them in the work on the house of God, the God of Israel.” Instead of opposition they got help. In the wording of the king’s decree – the king was seeking a blessing from God for having the temple rebuilt. I believe I can be a blessing to my neighbours too – and bless them and point them to grace. Help me Lord to capture the moments and opportunities to bless!

  2. Our help comes from the Lord God Who uses His ways His wonders to perform while we/I continue to work in His Kingdom. It is always amazing how things come together while working in His Kingdom from those believing in the cause and those giving to the cause just because – God working through them. I am never alone for He is always my Help.

    God moves in a mysterious way
    His wonders to perform;
    He plants His footsteps in the sea
    And rides upon the storm.

    Deep in unfathomable mines
    Of never failing skill
    He treasures up His bright designs
    And works His sov’reign will.

    Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take;
    The clouds ye so much dread
    Are big with mercy and shall break
    In blessings on your head.

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