We reflect what we focus on!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness.” (Luke 11:35)
In these words Jesus is talking about how our lives can glow – or not.
If our focus in life (eyes) is healthy, that will reflect in our whole self.
People will see the glow of goodness, feel its warmth and be drawn to it.
But if our focus is dark or negative, that is what will emanate from us too.
Jesus is speaking figuratively about our heart and mind and character.
Whatever we set our eyes ours, that is what we are seeking and desiring.
Is our life focus one that blesses and helps others, making life brighter?
Even for ourselves, is our life focus one that is good for us… healthy?
I sense him challenging me to consider what I am focusing on.
There are times when I do feed and pursue dark or gloomy thoughts.
And they do not make me feel better, nor make me cheery to be with.
As it turns out, at this very moment I am stewing on a dark thought.
If I want to feel full light and good, I’ve got to “see to it, then….”
Jesus is like the sun and we are like the moon – we reflect light when we see him!
Lord, I know this dark thought will not brighten my life, and yet I’m holding on to it. Thank you for this clear reminder that I’m doing it to myself, if I don’t turn my eyes towards you!


  1. I need to stay in the light! I can’t let darkness overtake me. “See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness” – yet the dark side tries to darken my mind – but I must light a lamp and keep things bright especially when the darkness is greater. To do that I must not let dark wrong thoughts permeate my mind. Help me to, in Jesus’ name cast them out! Help me to light up so that I can be used to encourage and ‘light up’ others with the love and care of Jesus! Let foreboding and languishing not be the dominant theme in my life today – but rather seeking to bring joy instead.

  2. LightShine.
    Walking daily in His SonShine with the upward look. That is where my help/Light comes from. Fill me daily with Your Light and Truth Lord and an understanding of Your Way. You are the treasure I seek. May Your light be radiated through me sharing Your Light to all those around me. You are the Treasure I seek.

    The whole world was lost
    In the darkness of sin,
    The Light of the world is Jesus!
    Like sunshine at noonday,
    His glory shone in.
    The Light of the world is Jesus!


    Come to the light, ’tis shining for thee;
    Sweetly the light has dawned upon me.
    Once I was blind, but now I can see:
    The Light of the world is Jesus!

    No darkness have we
    Who in Jesus abide;
    The Light of the world is Jesus!
    We walk in the light
    When we follow our Guide!
    The Light of the world is Jesus!


    Ye dwellers in darkness
    With sin blinded eyes,
    The Light of the world is Jesus!
    Go, wash, at His bidding,
    And light will arise.
    The Light of the world is Jesus!


    No need of the sunlight
    In Heaven we’re told;
    The Light of the world is Jesus!
    The Lamb is the Light
    In the city of gold,
    The Light of the world is Jesus!

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