Apr 3 — Luke 4:1-13

SCRIPTURE: Luke 4:1-13

1. “Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit” – After His baptism, Jesus was energized by God, ready to begin His mission. This was a high and holy moment, He was enthused (‘enthusiasm’ means to be filled with God) and eager. This makes sense after His dramatic affirmation at the baptism.
2. “Returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the desert, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil” – Notice that it is God Who drives Him into the desert, right after His dramatic affirmation. Being loved by God does not protect us from suffering, but directs suffering toward His purpose.
3. “If you are the Son of God” – Satan targets Jesus right where He is at that moment, delighting in God’s affirmation, “This is My Son!”. Oh yeah, says the devil, then whey has He got You out here starving to death? If He really loved You, would He let You suffer like this? Have we ever heard this?
4. “Stone to become bread… all the kingdoms of the world… the highest point of the temple” – The temptations speak to normal human weaknesses – our normal human desires (like hunger), our desire to avoid suffering (a shortcut to getting the kingdoms that God promised, without the cross), and our desire to make a big show of ourselves for peoples’ applause (to jump from the temple, EVERYONE would believe in Him then!). Satan custom designs all of his temptations to the person he is tempting. How is he tempting me?
5. “When the devil had finished all this tempting, he left him until an opportune time” – Jesus passed this test, but the battle continued. Satan and his demons are always on the prowl, waiting for the right moment to pounce. Our daily circumstances often give him good opportunities, i.e. when we’re tired, overworked, having a down day, after hearing bad news, in pain, etc. These (and many more) are examples of opportune times for the devil. Often when we’re least expecting it…

Lord, remind me that I am Your child, and that You love me. Remind me especially when I am struggling to believe it, when I am tempted to question Your love. Amen.


  1. So true – God’s word is to be trusted above any physical reaction or response to events. Jesus was needy physcially and perhaps emotional here at the start of his ministry. The devil might have thought, by giving these temptations, that Jesus might want to prove a point to him or demonstrate his power, so the devil tried to wield that out of Jesus. 2 out of the 3 temptations did not come across as acting out in any sense of evil or breaking a commandment or law. What they would have demonstrated though is a giving over to an action spurred by the devil. Jesus did not come to the earth to do the devil’s will (no matter how worthy it appeared). Jesus came to do his Fathers will and that is the voice he needed to listen to.

    Lord, help me stay close to you and your word in order to train my ear to hear your voice and listen to you.

  2. One thought that I see in the passage – in order to grow in my relationsip with the Lord – my faith- I need to immerse myself in His Word. The second ingredient for growth in the faith is the indwelling of Hs Spirit. Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit when He returned from the Jordan and was Spirit led. I too need to be Spirit led, doing my Father’s will. Not my will but Your’s be done on earth. My life is not my own, but belongs to my Saviour and God.

    In my daily living for Jesus, whether it be my daily bread, my daily task, my daily relationship with my God – I must know His Word to keep me from all danger. His Word is my Light and Salvation. That Word I must apply to all situations in my life. His Word must be central in all the decisions I make while serving Him. Help me to discern also on this day Lord. And may the devil never find an opportune time tempting me.

    In doubt and temptation I rest, Lord, in Thee;
    My hand is in Thy hand, Thou carest for me;
    My soul with Thy counsel through life Thou wilt guide,
    And afterward make me in glory abide.


    My God, I will extol Thee
    And ever bless Thy Name;
    Each day will I give thanks to Thee
    And all Thy praise proclaim

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