Praying for God’s Spirit


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“How much more will your Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” (Luke 11:13)
God wants everyone to have the ‘very good’ life we were made for.
God also respects our freedom and does not force feed us or pressure us.
That we are to ask God shows that the goal is for a relationship.
God wants us as free partners to choose this love and blessing.
As a friend, as a father, God is also free to respond freely.
To say YES when it is for the best, and NO when it is not.
But one request God will always say YES to is to ask for the Spirit.
This is how we were designed, when God breathed life into humans from the start.
This gift alone is enough; any gift without the Spirit will be unsatisfying.
Think of all the things you normally pray for.
Do the ‘treasures’ we seek satisfy the soul, or only our momentary wants?
Try praying ONLY for the Spirit of God for a while, as your only request.
Seek this treasure first, and see ‘how much more’ is received as well.
May God satisfy my heart with the Spirit, and may I be spiritually full!
Lord, I make this my prayer. Please give me Your Spirit, the Spirit of God and life and fullness. Breathe on me breath of God, fill me with life anew!


  1. Lord thank you for being in wait with open arms, ready to give when we are ready to ask. Teach us how to ask and what to ask for. Bless us and keep us, your hand go with us and keep us from harm, so that we may not cause pain!

  2. Even when it is inconvenient – I need to pray! I need to be both bold and persistent. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” It’s not that God doesn’t know what I need – He does – but it is more about me acknowledging and submitting and respecting God’s will – asking does that and God is ready to bless me – but He also knows what is best for me and He has more: ” how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!” How can I know what God’s will is – by the presence of the HS in me to guide me! Pray – pray as I walk and as I work!

  3. Hospitality.
    Helping your neighbour in need. Answering and fulfilling His request.
    God also answers the request of His people when they come to Him asking for His leading and guiding in their lives. He is the Bread of life. He is the Source of Life. He knows my need and is ready to give if I but come to Him. He is the treasure that I seek. I am not my own but belong to Him and He knows what I need even before I ask Him. He is my Father.

    Seek ye first the kingdom of God
    And His righteousness;
    And all these things shall be added unto you.
    Hallelu, Hallelujah!
    Ask, and it shall be given unto you;
    Seek, and you shall find.
    Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.
    Hallelu, Hallelujah!
    Man shall not live by bread alone,
    But by every word
    That proceeds out from the mouth of God.
    Hallelu, Hallelujah!

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